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Can't locate your VIN?

The location of your VIN plate will differ depending on what car you have. Here are some of the locations you may find your VIN:
  • Front of the engine block
  • Inside one of your wheel wells
  • Driver door jam (open door)
  • Front of the car frame
  • Inside the driver-side door (by the door hinge)
  • Underneath your spare tyre
You may also be able to search your VIN on your state's Department of Transport site:


Reports include a Vehicle Valuation with  ‘Trade In, Loan Value & Retail Value’ information.

  • Vehicle Valuation
  • Odometer Comparison
  • Manufacturer Recall Data
  • Engine Info
  • Vehicle Loan Value
  • Retail Evaluation
  • Mileage Information
  • Plus more!

What you get in a Car Record VIN Check Report with a Vehicle Valuation for $24.99

Vehicle VIN Details

Vehicle Trade In Valuation

Vehicle Loan Value

Vehicle Retail Valuation

Vehicle Make & Model

Manufacturer Recall Report

Vehicle Engine Info

Vehicle Odometer Comparison

Vehicle Mileage Information

Vehicle Body Type & Shape


VIN check reports

Potential issues are found in almost 1 in 4 used cars sold

vin decoder

NMVTIS Provides data from 44 out of 51 states (with more to come)

car history vin check

CarRecord is a USA operated online automotive bureau

Check my VIN

In the USA, a vehicle is stolen every 33 seconds on average

VIN check

450,000+ vehicles are discovered with rolled-back odometers annually

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Buying a “lemon” can leave you out-of-pocket thousands of dollars

* The above statistics are provided from various sources in the Automotive industry and may not be accurate.

CarRecord answers the important questions, so buying a car becomes a simple, exciting and rewarding experience for you.

Has your vehicle been recalled?

How does your vehicle’s price compare to others?

How does your vehicle’s odometer compare to the market?

What are your vehicle’s VIN details?


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