Use the data that the banks use for your VIN Check.
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Can your VIN Check Report give you all of this?

  • Vehicle Valuation
  • Odometer Comparison
  • Manufacturer Recall Data
  • Engine Info
  • Vehicle Loan Value
  • Retail Evaluation
  • Mileage Information

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Example: JD1FA4D8F035FLMK8

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Before you buy a Used Car!

Avoid buying a car with costly hidden problems by getting a CarRecord® Report today.

Our exceptional collaboration of data from these providers will help to ensure you get full transparency from your VIN Check Report when buying your next vehicle.


Quick Facts & Stats

  • Potential issues are found in almost 1 in 4 used cars sold
  • CarRecord® is a USA operated online automotive bureau
  • In the USA, a vehicle is stolen every 33 seconds on average
  • Annually, 450,000+ vehicles are discovered with rolled-back odometers
  • Buying a "Lemon" can leave you out-of-pocket thousands of dollars

Get the exact data on your vehicle from our VIN Check Report that the banks and financial institutions rely on

Financial institutions rely upon NADA as the trusted source to provide evaluation which determines your capacity to take out a loan or borrow to purchase this vehicle. Use our trusted valuation certificate, take it to your choice of dealer and use it to either value or trade in for a new car.

This valuation certificate contains data that dealers don’t want you to have. Use this certificate to get a higher price for your vehicle or to get a better price for a car you are looking to buy.



We give you a

Gold Standard

Valuation Certificate

Our Valuation Certificate contains data that dealers don’t want you to have. Use this certificate to get a higher price for your car or a better price for the car you are trying to buy.


Free Vehicle Valuation Certificate with purchase of a CarRecord® Report.


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